EWDraw and Newcad.Net CAD component is based on the opencascade,and it is CAD component of industrial-grade, it can be widely applied to 3D models need to be addressed in the program EWDraw CAD control functions are also very rich, interface functions more than 500, in addition to common CAD features, it can also support complex boolean operations of entities, supports a similar push/pull of SketchUp,makes the operation more convenient and simple. EWDraw and Newcad.Net CAD control as a 3D windows component and can easily be called by a variety of popular visual environment, which also offer the greatest freedom to the programmer, can quickly finish the development work. EWDraw and Newcad.Net CAD contros is excellent 3D component.

Ray-Trace render

EWDraw and NewCAD.Net add the lighting, texturing, shading, rendering light and shade effects such as reflection support. Using GLSL in core technology, adopt the most advanced ray-tracing algorithm and supports hardware acceleration of graphics cards, let users to get a more realistic, smoother rendering result, EWDraw and NewCAD.Net supports real time rendering effects, non-static effect. In real time rendering, allows you to edit an entity directly see the light change at the same time, very intuitive. Supports change, zoom,move or orbit the view, dynamic get a clear final rendering results .

New rendering effect also makes the EWDraw and NewCAD.Net integrates 3D model design , scientific computing, animation, simulation and real time effect drawings into one 3D CAD component! Convenient, fast and efficient help users anytime and anywhere to develop and design the perfect work!


CAE ( EWDraw CAE Component )


CAE ( EWDraw CAE Component )






Ray-Trace render Ray-Trace render







Dimesnion OSNAP







Boolean operation







NURBS Surface/Skin











Motion simulation






Motion simulation---related controls



Acceleration trajectories







Make a 3D Solid from Faces







Pipe/Revole/Boolean Operation
Split a 3D Solid by a NURBS Surface















CAE ( EWDraw CAE Component )
CAE ( EWDraw CAE Component )









Android EWCAD



Android EWCAD Boolean operation


Android EWCAD NURBS Surface