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EWDraw CAD Component

EWDraw CAD component (3D ActiveX) is to be able to fully meet the needs of your CAD development. Because EWDraw has more than 600 functions interface, full-featured development kit. So many CAD functions, Make it easy for your development work, Make your product more competitive.

The CAD component is realized as a run-time Windows 64/32 bit OCX (ActiveX control). Either can be used with applications written in the popular Visual IDE languages such as Visual Basic, Delphi, C++ Builder , Visual C++, C#,VB.NET , QT.


HTML5 3D demo (click on the picture to the online experience)

EWDraw Web 3D

EWDraw Web 3D is based on the HTML5 Web of high-performance three-dimensional controls, it can take advantage of GPU hardware acceleration, ability to quickly create beautiful and practical application of three-dimensional.

EWDraw Web 3D convenient call interface allows users to focus on creating a model program, rather than stuck in for all the details.

EWDraw Web 3D application can be easily Android,Windows , IOS , browser cross-platform run just one program , all platforms running smooth.

Efficient programming platform , good ideas have a lot .

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EWDraw CAE component

EWDraw CAE component is an Efficient, Powerful, Easy to use, Stable, Brilliant CAE development component.

EWDraw CAE component with its powerful features let you free play in the development process of CAE design ideas, make your program to show the gorgeous effect of CAE. And EWDraw straightforward function interface, will allow you to quickly start, smooth finish your development tasks.EWDraw is the best choice for CAE development.

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NewCAD.Net CAD Component

NewCAD.NET is industrial grade 3D CAD component for C#, VB.NET .

NewCAD.NET is a collection of 3D modeling, rendering light and shade, simulation and many other powerful features as one of 3D CAD components. It is convenient to apply to DotNet, can be used to CAD,CAM,CAE, scientific computing program development. NewCAD.NET 3D control in addition to support for basic CAD functions, Also supports Boolean operations between complex 3D solids, dynamic dimension, layers, OSNAP, transparency, texture, and advanced features like automatic search regions.And its internal use of the advanced Ray-Trace, allowed NewCAD.NET gorgeous and real-time shadow rendering. NewCAD.NET is very simple and easy to use. With strong scalability, can fully meet your wonderful creativity and individuality. NewCAD.Net optimized and rigorously tested many times, so efficiency is excellence, be able to provide you the maximum shortening development cycle, saving you valuable development time. NewCAD.NET is efficient and has industrial-grade accuracy, is a powerful and comprehensive CAD components.





Android EWCAD component

Android EWCAD component is the first real Android CAD component. EWCAD component allows users to using JAVA to make constructs industrial complex 3D shapes onthe Android platform ,To achieve dimensional and 3D object viewing and editing. It supports: line, polyline, arc, circle, NURBS, Surface, Extrude, Pipe, Revolve, Loft, Boolean operation...etc. and support import/ export : STEP, STL file. EWCAD provides users with a convenient and efficient Mobile CAD development solution.




About Us

East Wind Software since its creation has been committed to provide industrial-grade CAD components, and through years of continuous innovation and improvement, to make our products more powerful, easier to use. And success of has been applied to the CAE Construct 3D model , Mechanical, Pressure container, Pipelines, Special windows and doors, Furniture and Cabinets, Simulation,Supplementary medical, Precision instruments, Dynamic 3D Virtual simulation demo and other fields.Through our professional and sincere service,EWDraw CAD Component and NewCAD.NET are sold to more than 20 countries around the world, get praise from many customers. and in the world's largest software download websit ranked within the top ten in its class.
We will continue to work hard, and constantly introducing new products, consistently meet user's excellence design ideas and new requirements, together with our customers to achieve win-win goal!


EWDraw functions



6 Axis Robot --- Reverse the presumption of 6 axis robot system on the target point (custom)




CAM - Cutting simulation




EWDraw and NewCAD.Net add the lighting, texturing, shading, rendering light and shade effects such as reflection support. Using GLSL in core technology, adopt the most advanced ray-tracing algorithm and supports hardware acceleration of graphics cards, let users to get a more realistic, smoother rendering result, EWDraw and NewCAD.Net supports real time rendering effects, non-static effect.




CAE ( EWDraw CAE Component )

CAE ( EWDraw CAE Component )


Motion simulation---related controls
Acceleration trajectories
NURBS Surface/Skin
Boolean operation



Application Area


Pressure vessel




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